Your Smart Facility Digital Transformation Industry 4.0 Partner

Your Smart Facility Industry 4.0 Partner

You focus on your business. We’ll handle the technology.

Deep Industry Roots. Far-Reaching Vision.

While our roots are in system integration, our evolution into a holistic solutions provider enables us to act as your trusted partner at every step of your digital transformation journey. Let us help you transform your operation with digital connections engineered to increase revenue, decrease operating cost, and improve asset efficiency across your entire value chain – so you can focus on what you do best.



We understand technology solutions are not one-size-fits all. We tailor every solution to your unique requirements.


Designed with the
Future in Mind

Because change is constant, we’ve not only adapted to the evolving landscape, but now actively design for the future.


Operating Expertise

Our deep experience helps us design and deliver solutions that adjust to your operational change as you move forward.

Case Study

How to Become a Leader in Waste-to-Energy

cows in pasture

South Jersey Industries rises to the challenge of generating renewable energy in remote locations

Learn how we helped South Jersey (SJI) fulfill on its commitment to providing cleaner energy, focusing on generating renewable natural gas at dairy farms. This innovative system will significantly reduce gasoline usage – up to 25 million gallons annually, equivalent to the consumption of around 50,000 cars.