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Accelerating The Pace of Innovation

Next-generation digital solutions for highly-regulated industries

Transform your operation with digital connections engineered to increase revenue, decrease operating cost, and improve asset efficiency across your entire value chain – so you can focus on what you do best.

Food & Beverage

Optimize production workflows, ensure quality compliance, and enhance operational efficiency to satisfy taste buds and regulations alike.

Critical Infrastructure

Secure OT assets and network remote locations to ensure safety, compliance, and reliable alerting systems for automated sites.


Designing for the Future

After 40 years of experience across key industries InflexionPoint has transformed from solely an automation and controls engineering company to an AI technology leader.

Because change is constant, we’ve not only adapted to the evolving landscape, but now actively design for the future. Our approach transcends traditional projects by delivering solutions that adjust to your operational changes as you move forward.

While InflexionPoint’s roots are in system integration, our evolution into a holistic solutions provider enables us to act as your trusted partner at every step of your digital transformation journey.


Your Trusted Digital Partner

Customer Centric Approach

Understanding your needs and requirements.

Long-term relationships / mutual success

Focusing on long-term relationships rather than short term gains.

Quality & Innovation

Consistently delivering high quality services and staying innovative.