Is MTP the end game for industrial digital automation?

Is MTP the End-Game for Industrial Digital Transformation?

Chris Monchinski, CTO Inflexionpoint Are you still amazed at how easy it is to purchase a printer of any size, shape, and feature set… plug ...
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DCOM Hardening patch

Understand the Implications of the March 14 the DCOM Hardening Patch: Ensuring Security Through Proper Implementation

Chris Monchinski, CTO Inflexionpoint The March 14, 2023 DCOM hardening patch is a permanent security measure implemented by Microsoft in order to protect DCOM applications ...
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Partnership announcement: inflexion point and FEND

Inflexionpoint Partners with Fend Incorporated

Inflexionpoint has partnered with Fend Incorporated to deliver secure communications between separate SCADA systems infrastructure at a large pipeline customer. Fend’s technology allows data to ...
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Nexilis from lab to life: transforming life science operations

Introducing Nexilis for Life Sciences: Revolutionizing the Way You Experience Technology 

Boston, MA September 19, 2023 – Today marks a new era in technological innovation as InflexionPoint, a pioneer in creative solutions, proudly unveils Nexilis for ...
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Shaping Tomorrow, Today - Inflexion Point

Automated Control Concepts Announces Rebranding to InflexionPoint 

Neptune, NJ September 18, 2023 – Automated Control Concepts (ACC), a leading technology integration company providing high-quality control and information products, solutions, and services, in ...
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Partnership announcement: inflexion point and HighByte

InflexionPoint Partners with HighByte

The volume of OT-level data sources is growing exponentially – data architectures are getting more complicated and point-to-point connectivity can be brutal. With HighByte Intelligence ...
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Partnership announcement: inflexion point and SJI renewable energy ventures

South Jersey Industries selects InflexionPoint as SCADA and Network Partner

One of  SJI’s key initiatives to deliver on their commitment to provide cleaner energy includes operating renewable natural gas facilities at dairy farms. The initial sites ...
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Partnership announcement: inflexion point and SORBA

With a Focus on Digital Transformation, Inflexionpoint Announces Strategic Partnership with Advanced Analytics Solution

ACC announces partnership with offering state-of-the-art AI and ML digital transformation solutions to manufacturing sector clients. Neptune NJ – December 21, 2022 – Inflexionpoint, a provider ...
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Top selling integrator - inflexion point and ignition

Premier Integrator ACC Named in Top 10 List for Inductive Automation Sales of Ignition

Inductive Automation Premier Integrator ACC is ranked among the top ten best-selling Ignition integrators based on direct-to-end-user sales. Neptune, NJ – December 19, 2022 – ...
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