South Jersey Industries selects InflexionPoint as SCADA and Network Partner

Partnership announcement: inflexion point and SJI renewable energy ventures

One of  SJI’s key initiatives to deliver on their commitment to provide cleaner energy includes operating renewable natural gas facilities at dairy farms. The initial sites include farms in Connecticut, New York and Michigan. Inflexionpoint is excited to announce we have been selected to design and implement the complete network architecture for their IT and OT environments. Utilizing Inductive Automation Ignition, InflexionPoint will provide enterprise-wide SCADA and Historian system for these sites as well as central monitoring of all locations.

SJI’s plan for scalable, repeatable SCADA and IT/OT infrastructure for this rollout requires an experienced resource team with the experience, skills and depth that InflexionPoint can provide. The first phase includes ten multiple farms and interconnect sites being implemented in the near term, with a portfolio of sites following over the next three years. The system needs include the distributed (local-to-farm) control/SCADA systems controlling and monitoring process equipment at each farm as well as a central system providing dashboards and information visibility across all sites. InflexionPoint’s experience in IT/OT, as well as implementing control / HMI and operational intelligence applications, will enable successful implementation of the RNG’s farm projects. The SOW addresses the needs to assess and implement the infrastructure-focused effort as well as program management for the overall project which also included OT-level automation and SCADA. InflexionPoint resources for this important project includes resources from all three InflexionPoint teams: Automation and Control, Manufacturing Intelligence, and IT4OT.