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From Data Integration to Decision Efficiency

In today’s analytics driven world, cutting edge industries face unique challenges. In Life Sciences, drug development and clinical trials demand precision and speed. Food and Beverage Manufacturing grapples with the dual challenges of maintaining high production efficiency and stringent quality control. In the world of Critical Infrastructure, the secure, efficient management and distribution of essential services like water systems and energy is a daily battle. A common thread in these challenges is the need for seamless data integration, optimized processes, and enhanced decision-making efficiency – areas where many organizations struggle.

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The Nexilis Advantage

Nexilis excels in data unification and analysis. By bringing disparate data from various plant floors into a unified namespace, Nexilis creates a cohesive data ecosystem. Once in this unified space, important data sets are synthesized, compared, and analyzed, unveiling insights that were previously obscured by data silos. This capability not only enhances current operational processes but also paves the way for innovative approaches and strategies, ensuring your organization stays ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

What sets Nexilis apart is not just its adaptability but also its remarkable impact on setup efficiency. Our solutions offer as much as a 30-40% increase in the speed of implementation, dramatically reducing the time-to-value for any project. This efficiency gain is a direct result of our four decades of industry experience, distilled into a solution that works universally.

Nexilis’s Approach: Smart Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Integration of OEM systems

Advanced Process Optimization

Streamline workflows, reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. By integrating tools such as data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Advanced Process Optimization identifies inefficiencies and bottlenecks in existing processes and provides insights for smarter decision-making, leading to more efficient, reliable, and optimized operations.

  • Life Sciences: Nexilis enhances process optimization from laboratory research to pharmaceutical manufacturing by improving efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Focus on improving production line efficiency, reducing waste, and ensuring product quality through data-driven process optimization.
  • Critical Infrastructure (Water, Wastewater, Generation, Transmission and Distribution): Optimize treatment processes and energy usage. Maximize system availability and response to system disruptions.
Real Time Edge Analytics

Real Time Edge Analytics

Real-Time Edge Analytics stands as a cornerstone of operational agility. This technology processes data at its source, enabling instant analysis and decision-making. It’s pivotal for industries requiring swift responses to dynamic conditions, ensuring efficiency and competitive edge.

  • Life Sciences: Utilize real-time data for rapid decision-making and repeatable processes from laboratory to production processes.
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Implement real-time monitoring for production efficiency, quality control, and supply chain management.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Provide immediate insights for quality monitoring, leak/loss detection, and safety management.
Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital Twin Technology offers a groundbreaking approach to operational planning and risk management. By creating a virtual replica of physical systems, this technology allows organizations to simulate and analyze scenarios, enhancing decision-making and optimizing performance with unparalleled precision and foresight in complex operational environments.

  • Life Sciences: Simulate laboratory experiments, clinical trial scenarios, and manufacturing processes for improved planning and risk assessment.
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Model and simulate production lines and supply chain logistics for optimized operations.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Recreate virtual generation and distribution systems for better operational planning, safety and training.
AI/ML IIoT Automation

AI/ML IIoT Automation

AI/ML IIoT Automation merges the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the Industrial Internet of Things, revolutionizing process automation. This synergy enables predictive maintenance, enhances operational efficiency, and drives innovation, transforming data into intelligent, actionable insights for smarter, more responsive decision-making.

  • Life Sciences: Apply AI and ML for automating research analytics, enhancing drug discovery, and optimizing manufacturing processes.
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Leverage AI to predict supply chain bottlenecks, quality issues and maximize asset availability..
  • Critical Infrastructure: Integrate AI-driven automation for predictive maintenance and operational efficiency in water/wastewater management and energy generation.
Operational AI

Operational AI

Operational AI integrates cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence into the heart of business operations. It transforms vast data into insightful, actionable intelligence, enhancing decision-making processes. This leads to smarter, more efficient operations, fostering innovation and streamlining workflows in various industries for an optimized and future-ready business environment.

  • Life Sciences: Implement AI for data-driven decision-making in research, development, and production, enhancing innovation and efficiency.
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Utilize AI for optimizing production schedules, improving product quality, and managing inventory.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Employ AI for data-driven operational decisions in water and wastewater, and energy demand and distribution.

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Transform Your Operations with Nexilis Analytics

Discover the transformative power of Nexilis Analytics in your industry, whether it’s Life Sciences, Food and Beverage Manufacturing, or Critical Infrastructure. Nexilis brings advanced analytical solutions that are custom-fit to meet your unique challenges, turning data into a strategic asset for your business.

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Transform Your Operations with Nexilis Analytics